Valid from April 1, 2021 until revoked.

This Code of Ethics applies to all cases not covered by the Golf Rules, the Footgolf Rules, the Federal Competition Rules or the Competition Rules. In the event of an overlap, the original rules will apply, but the club penalties will not be ignored. Footgolf players are not subject to special golf rules, but all other regulations are applied.

Security rules

  • If you lose sight of the ball hit, warn others with a “fore” shout.
  • If you hear a „fore” shout, do not look around just bend over, protect your head with your hands.
  • Always stand away from the person just hitting.
  • Do not approach a player who is swinging, keep distance.
  • The field worker may not be able to see the players and may ear protection, do your best to draw other’s attention before you strike.
  • When working on the green, do not strike on the green if the flag is not in its place. Only strike after the operator has replaced the flag to its hole and has left the green.
  • Do not relocate tools that have been placed on the track by our colleagues.

Code of Conduct

No form of physical or verbal abuse is allowed on the golf course. It is considered unacceptable behavior if the player:

  • Speaks rudely, disrespectfully to other players, referees or spectators.
  • Does not acknowledge the fact of the violation, tries to explain the situation.
  • Judges the rules of the Balaton Golf Club.
  • Does not arrange the course (eg does not rake the bunker, does not put back the hit grass knot back, does not cover the ball mark on the green).
  • Uses an inappropriate expression either verbally or as a gesture.
  • Responds to events with an outburst of anger.
  • Does not respect fellow players or their play.
  • Damages the bat or the course.
  • According to zero tolerance, the player is immediately penalized without warning. Penalty fee established by the club in all cases: 30 000 HUF, but in severe or repetitive cases, the ban from the club can also be used as a penalty.

Playing pace

The entire playing time of the 18-stage course is 4 hours and 20 minutes. The recommended speed must be kept, either at the cost of skipping a section or merging groups of players if necessary. The marshal is entitled to take such measures.

Minimum age

There is no age restriction on the use of the golf course. However, children under the age of 12 may only play on the court if accompanied by a responsible adult.

Dress code

Only impeccably dressed players are allowed on the golf course.

  • Tracksuits, military style and patterned trousers, and combat clothing, coveralls, overalls, workwear, swimwear - in any type and color are not acceptable as trousers.
  • Jeans may only be worn in practice areas.
  • The legs of the shorts must be at least 10 cm long (measured along the inner seam).
  • Only collared top clothing covering the entire upper body may be worn.
  • Golf shoes (with soft stops), running shoes or soft-soled shoes are allowed. Shoes with heels higher than 1 cm and boots are prohibited.

Transport by vehicle

  • This includes any vehicle that can carry one or more people. But it does not include a self-propelled golf cart designed solely to carry golf equipment.
  • Golf cart can only be rented by a person with a valid driver's license.
  • A golf cart can carry up to 2 people with a total of 2 golf bags.
  • It is forbidden to drive the golf cart within 5 meters from the edge of the greens and in 3 meters from the edge of the bunkers, unless a designated road is available. Club penalty: 30 000 HUF in case of repetition the penalty is the exclusion from the course.
  • The driver is responsible for any damage to the golf cart.

Golf balls

It is forbidden to take out and / or use the range balls on the 18-stage course. Club penalty: 30 000 HUF in case of repetition the penalty is the exclusion from the course.

Players in groups

A group of up to 4 people can start at once.

The speed of the game

  • Keep a one-stroke tracking distance behind the group in front of you.
  • The normal playing time of the track is 260 minutes.

Rules applied on teeing-ground

  • Do your warm-up outside of the tee before your turn.
  • Limit to a maximum of 2 practice swings.
  • Possible, players striking shorter should strike first.
  • Broken tees should be placed into the designated area.
  • Do not throw any other item into the tee holder, especially cigarette butts.

On the fairway

  • Approach your ball at a determined pace.
  • Place back the hit divots, for the trial strikes as well.
  • As you approach the ball, plan the stroke and select the striker. 
  • Strike up to 2 practice swings.
  • Also keep an eye on the balls of fellow players.
  • Always hit a temporary (provisional) ball if the original may be lost or is off the field.

 On the green

  • Park your golf cart behind or next to the green, on the side closer to the next tee
  • Correct your own pitchmarks.
  • Do not step on other players’ rolling line
  • Place softly the flag to the green, further away from the rolling line.
  • If possible roll continuously.
  • Immediately remove your ball from the whole after you scored in.
  • Do not use your bat to remove your ball from the whole, unless you have a special putting grip.
  • Once you have finished place the flag back and immediately leave the green.
  • Fill in the score card on the next tee.

At the course in general

  • Do not hunt for abandoned balls.
  • Give up on finding your ball in hopeless areas (eg. in dense vegetation)
  • Place back knocked out lawns, rake bunkers, repair ball marks.
  • Follow the signs on the posted signs and comply with staff requests.
  • Limit the time of practice in both the striking and rolling areas.
  • Do not play on areas marked with blue pales and with the sign „area under reconditioning”.
  • Limit the ball search time to 3 minutes.
  • Let faster teams go first if possible.

Use of trolleys and golf carts

  • Do not cross bunkers or tees with trolley or golf cart.
  • Do not go closer than 5 ms to the greens by golf cart.
  • Do not cross the area between a green and a bunker close to it or a water hazard close to it by trolley.
  • If possible, drive the golf cart on paved road. If there is no road, use the slightly rough terrain next to the fairway. Under no circumstances drive on extremely rough, dangerous terrain.


House Rules and the Code of Conduct apply to everyone on the field, both guest players and club members.

  • Staff members (e.g., marshal) are authorized to monitor the speed of the game and enforce the compliance with applicable policies and procedures.
  • Information on etiquette and safety issues is available from Reception staff.
  • In the event of any personal injury, material or property damage, the person using the course will be liable.

Penalty during races

The following procedure applies to violations of the Code of Conduct:

  • First time: warning
  • Second time: 1 strike penalty
  • Third time: genral penalty (2 strikes and loss of section)
  • Fourth time: exclusion

In severe cases or recidivism, Balaton Golf Club may impose an immediate disqualification penalty. Club penalties can be enforced independently of the general penalty.

The following procedure is generally applicable to breaches of the Code of Conduct:

  • Violation of the Code of Conduct for the first time will result in a fine of 30 000 HUF.
  • Repeated, multiple violations of the Code of Conduct will result in the suspension of club membership status for 1 week or, in severe cases the disqualification.


Valid from 01.04.2021 until revoked.

Guests and players staying at the area of Balaton Golf Club are required to follow the rules below. By purchasing an annual club membership, green fee, physical or virtual driving range token all players agree to the rules listed below.

Local rules

  • It is obligatory to book tee time for the field game, otherwise we cannot guarantee the possibility of playing.
  • It is forbidden to play with driving range practice balls on the golf course. In case of violation of the rule, a fine of 30 000 HUF must be paid.
  • Please do not look for your ball outside the boundaries of the court.
  • Please correct carefully the pitch marks on the greens.
  • Please repair carefully the divots caused by the strikes, put the knocked out grass back in its place.
  • In the bunkers, please rake the foot and impact marks.
  • Keeping the etiquette is mandatory at the course and at the practice areas.
  • Please pay attention to the pace of the game, let the faster flights go ahead. The recommended playback time for the 18 sections are 4 hours and 20 minutes.
  • Players buying green fee on the court can only play with one ball, while our club members are allowed to play two balls as long as they do not interfere with the play of others.
  • Our staff can check the contents of the player's bag on the field at any time without prior notice. If driving range balls belonging to Udvari Golf Club Kft. are found in the bag, a fine of 30 000 HUF must be paid.
  • Unacceptable communication (shouting, threatening) with our employees will result in immediate disqualification.

Opening hours

The golf course is open to golfers only during opening hours, depending on the weather.

Driving Range rules 

  • To prevent accidents, please always pay attention to your surroundings and other players.
  • Smoking in the driving range is forbidden, it is allowed only in designated areas.
  • It is forbidden to play with driving range practice balls on the golf course. Violation of the rule draws a fine of 30 000 HUF.
  • It is forbidden to collect practice balls in the driving range, it is only possible in the areas of pitching and putting greens. Violation of the rule draws a fine of 30 000 HUF.
  • Please mute your mobile phone and other electronic device in the area of the driving range.
  • Pitch marks and knockouts must be repaired in the practice areas as well in accordance with the etiquette.
  • To practice the short game, please use the pitching green.
  • It is forbidden to practice with pitch strikes on the putting green.

Information for players

  • The distances displayed on the score card and course map in all cases indicate the center of the green for each section.
  • Gravel, gravel and viacolor roads, manhole covers, irrigation heads, benches and footgolf holes are immovable barriers. Dirt roads are not covered by this rule.
  • Distance markers, water barrier markers and GUR signs are subject to immovable barriers.
  • The boundaries of the course are marked by white stakes in their absence, by the fence or the net of the driving range.

Special rules for footgolf players

  • It is forbidden to play with more than one ball on the court, even if the player has purchased green feet for 18 stages. In this case, the course may be played twice.

Our colleagues can oblige our guests to follow the rules at any time.

The Balaton Golf Club has a video surveillance system. The system is operated by: Udvari Golf Club Kft., 8242 Balatonudvari, Vászolyi út 


The following Local Rules apply to tournaments organized by the Balaton Golf Club after April 29, 2021, which overwrite any previously published Local Rules. 

[A] Out of bounds and course boundaries

A-1 Defining Boundaries

A ball is out of bounds when it is beyond any fence defining the boundary of the course.

A-2 Internal Out of Bounds

  • During play of hole number 9. the left side of the fairway, defined by white stakes and white line is out of bounds. 

[B] Penalty areas

B-1 Defining penalty areas

  • Penalty areas are marked with red or yellow stakes or lines.
  • The area, within the red penalty area defined by red stakes with green color top on it, located on 13, 14 and 15 holes, is a NO PLAY zone. When a ball is in the NO PLAY zone, the ball must NOT be played as it lies, relief must be taken from interference by the NO play zone, under Rule 17.1

[E] Special or required relief producers

E-1 Dropping zones

  • The area within the red penalty area defined by red stakes with green color top on it, located on 13, 14 and 15 holes, is a NO PLAY zone. When a ball is in the NO PLAY zone within the penalty area, the ball must NOT be played as it lies, relief must be taken from interference by the NO play zone, under Rule 17.1, or use dropping zone  
  • On the hole 13. if the ball gets into the NO PLAY zone after tee shot, there is a dropping zone - beyond red tee markers – can be used
  • On the same 13. hole if the ball gets into the NO PLAY zone from the green area there is an other dropping zone, before the green can be used
  • On  the hole 15. if the ball gets into the NO PLAY zone after tee shot, there is a dropping zone - beyound red tee markers – can be used
  • On the same 15. hole if the ball gets into the NO PLAY zone from the green area there is an other dropping zone, before the green can be used

E-11 Ball Deflected by Power Line

  • If it is known or virtually certain that a player’s ball hit a power line during the play of hole number 5. the stroke does not count. The player must play a ball without penalty from where the previous stroke was made (Rule 14.6).

[F] Abnormal golf course conditions

F-1 Defining Abnormal Course Conditions 

  • Ground under repair is defined by any area encircled by blue stakes or blue or white colour line (Rule 16).
  • If ground under repair area interferes with the player’s stance or area of intended swing, the player may take relief under Rule 16.1.
  • On the general area distance marker stakes and yardage markers (50-100-150-200m), benches, footgolf holes and plates, components of the sprinkler system, shelters are immovable obstructions. The player may take relief under Rule 16.1.
  • Directional, informal signs around putting greens controlling traffic of golf carts are movable obstructions.
  • All stakes, footgolf flags and teemarkrs are movable obstructions, except O.B. stakes.

F-23 Temporary Immovable Obstructions

  • A temporary immovable obstruction (TIO) is a structure that is temporarily added on or next to the course, usually for a particular competition, and is fixed or not readily movable like flags, temporary tents, scoreboards, grandstands, television towers and etc. 
  • Disturbing effect also exits when TIO take place between the ball and the hole and relief available.
  • The rocks on hole 5, 7, 10, 12, 17 is the elemental part of the course (there is no free drop).

[J] Suspensions of play

J-1 Stopping and Resuming Play

  • Immediate suspension of play for a dangerous situation will be signalled by 1 long horn to be used. Normal suspension of play will be signalled by 3 horn sign in raw to be used. In either case, resumption of play will be signalled by 2 short horn sign to be used. 
(K) Pace of play
K-2 Hole-by-Hole and Shot-by-Shot Pace of Play Policy 
  • The maximum allowable time is the maximum time considered necessary by the Committee for a group to complete its round. This is expressed in a per-hole and aggregate time format and includes all time associated with playing the game, e.g., for rulings and walking times between holes.
  • The maximum time for the completion of 18 holes: 4 hours and 22 minutes.
  • The following procedure applies only if a group is "out of position.": MGSZ Competition Rules attachment nr. 4. 
K-5 Pace of Play Penalty Structure
  • Penalty for first breach: Verbal warning from referee.
  • Penalty for second breach: One-stroke penalty.
  • Penalty for third breach: General Penalty applied in addition to the penalty for the second breach.
  • Penalty for fourth breach: Disqualification.
MGSZ Competition Rules attachment nr 4. 
Mobile phone numbers for the referees:
Jakobi András +36 30 542 9098
Cservák László: +36 30 201 4005
Any violation of the Local Rules will result in a General Penalty, which means the lose of section in case of Match Play and the penalty of two strokes in case of Stroke Play.